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// Pass callback to function ajax
var callback = function(image) {
ajax.get("", callback);

// Can be abbreviated as follows
ajax.get("", function(image) {

From callback, promise comes to Async/Await.

The code becomes neat when moving from callback to promise.
See Promise objects as if they were synchronized objects.

Why use async / await?

  • The code is much easier to read, no need to catch anything; write like code running sequentially, and then use normal try/catch to catch errors.
  • Writing a loop through each element becomes extremely simple, await in each loop.
  • Debug is much easier since each awaits use counts as a single line of code, so you can set the debugger to debug each line as usual.
  • When there is an error, the exception will indicate the error on the line number but not generally resolved to the promise.
  • With promises or callbacks, combining an if / else or a retry with asynchnous code is a pain because we have to write code around, complicated. With async / await, this is extremely easy.
Async / Await makes the code neat.

Shortcomings of async / await

  • It cannot run on older browsers. If the project requires running on older browsers, you’ll have to use Babel to transpiler the code to ES5 to run.
  • When we await a rejected promise, JavaScript will throw an exception. Therefore, if we use async-await and forget to try-catch, we will get… swallowed errors or code stops running.
  • Async and await must come together! await can only be used in async functions. Otherwise, there will be a syntax error. Hence, async / await will spread over all the functions in your code.

Apply async / await to your code

  1. Use Bluebird or util. promiscuity (Node 8 and up) to turn NodeJS callback functions into Promise.
  2. Use async / await to get results from these Promises.




Always be nice to anybody who has access to my toothbrush.

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Always be nice to anybody who has access to my toothbrush.

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