C # is the Best Awesome Language. Java, PHP, C, C ++, Ruby Are INFERIOR STUFFS

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After a long time of programming, I was able to say for myself: C # is the best programming language and worth learning. The reason, countless counting:

  • The C # language itself has a lot of exciting things: static method, partial class, delegate, LINQ, lambda expression… What a simple language like Java has a partial level, delegate, until Java 8 can imitate the lambda expression is nothing.
  • C # is a strong-typed language: The parameters and results of the function are all objects. Every error due to mistyping the field name, function name, the wrong class type is reported while writing the code, not having to wait until it runs to report like some other PHP and Python.
  • C # comes with the .NET framework, supporting many things: Creating Window applications with WinForm, WPF, Create websites with WebForm, MVC.NET … Some low-level languages ​​like C, C ++ do not do that much.
  • C # has the Visual Studio IDE and many powerful plug-ins. VS releases new releases at regular intervals like FIFA. Reshaper supports refactor, speed up the code … What do the others who use PHP code to code? Of course, some creepy things like Notepad ++ or Sublime Text already, even the “Jump to Definition” function didn’t even exist.

After reading this paragraph, there will probably be a few dozen people throwing tomatoes, rotten eggs, and brick enough for me to build a mansion. Slowly, at least take the time to scroll down, read the article, and throw your bricks. Anyway, the comment box is located at the bottom of the page.

We see programming language as a religion.

In the past, I used to jump and throw bricks when I heard some people criticized C # and .NET. Between programmers, there is always endless debate about language and technology: Which language is the strongest, which technology is the best. Language, which was just a tool, has now been upgraded to RELIGION. Programmers divide into Java, PHP, C #, one attack on the other. The level of fanaticism is sometimes not lost to football fans, K-pop fanatics, or ISIS fans. The disgusting controversy is rife online; you can try google: Why C # sucks, Why Java sucks, Why PHP sucks, … to see it.

When working with a language, a developer will get used to the language, find out many exciting things in the language. Many people will think that their language is the best, can solve all problems (Just as ISIS believes Islam is the best, all the words of the Supreme Be right). When their preferred language is disparaged, offended, they feel like their own religion is offended. The ruffled feathers, calling friends, teammates to the same faith, jumped in and stoned to death.

In essence, a language is only a tool

Language is just what we use; it does not shape us. To broaden your horizons, try learning different languages. You will be surprised to find that there are some common concepts and patterns among them. (I’ve used MVC.NET, Struts2, Django, three frameworks of 3 different languages but all based on the idea of MVC). To be fair, every language has its beauty:

  • C, C ++ makes the web quite a lot of time and time, but for embedded programming, game programming, or performance need, it’s hard to be equal to it.
  • Javascript is a weird, crazy language. However, because there are many frameworks attached, so now and in the future, it will still be hot, so I recommend that you should learn.
  • PHP was poorly designed (It was created to write small websites), but there are many frameworks, a large and aggressive developer community. It is the number 1 choice if you want to create a fast, feature-rich, error-free website (Typically this blog is written on WordPress, also written in PHP).
  • C # .NET, if you want to use it, you have to install a lot of heavy and expensive things. But it is used by a lot of companies because of their features, security, etc.

Stop arguing again

After all, the important thing is not the language, but the ability to think logically, problem-solving skills, system vision. Customers will judge us by the product — what they see, and no matter what code you write. Did you stop using Facebook because it was written in PHP — the language of the corn? IS NOT. Did you abandon StackOverflow knowing it was based on MVC.NET, a language that is both slow and expensive? OF COURSE NOT. Then judge a programmer by what he or she makes, not by the language they use.

Instead of criticizing and arguing when someone criticizes your preferred language, take the time to learn and share knowledge (By blogging like me). Keep an objective view of the programming language; you will quickly advance, find more jobs (It is okay to do Java jumping over Python). I used to hate PHP a lot, but after learning it, I found it to be quite interesting.

Conclusion: Anyway, PHP is still a silly sida language, and Javascript is still a freak, a bad thing, a failure of nature. If you are still bitter because PHP is badly spoken, please pull up and reread the article: D.

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