How I made money on YouTube from zero

Greetings to you, dear readers!
You probably know for a long time that you can not only watch interesting videos and brighten up your leisure time but also start earning quite decent amounts on YouTube. Therefore, today we will look at an interesting topic for many: “ How to make money on YouTube from zero”! This type of earnings on the Internet is not only one of the most popular, but also very profitable!?

Well, today I will show you:

  • How to create a channel and what topics to choose?

Let’s see infographic below if you already knew some of them, so jump to the one you need to save time.

The content of the article ( by #Beribey)

1. How much can you earn on YouTube?

The concept of how much you can earn on YouTube is relative and inconstant enough. Its value is influenced by several factors that make up the popularity of the channel. These are:

  • Subject channel.

So as not to mislead anyone that they do not pay for the statistics of views, but for how active users are. Although in general, of course, the more views on the channel, the greater the income!

There are 2 types of embedded advertising on YouTube:
Instream — advertising is displayed before launching a video; you can skip it by clicking “Skip advertising”. For the owner of the channel, this is a minus, since funds are not credited with gaps.
Overlay — is a block located at the bottom of the clip. In this case, the actions will be paid, that is, clicks. In this case, the user who has switched to the site must spend at least a couple of minutes there or go to other pages of the resource.

The cost of a click varies on average from 0.3 to 5 dollars. Accurately determine how much money on YouTube you get for viewing is very difficult, because earnings between channels can differ very much. But according to statistics, on average, the site owner receives $ 1–2 per 1000 impressions.

2. How to start earning on YouTube — 5 simple steps

Step #1: Choosing the Channel Subject (Niche)

Before you create a channel and start making money on YouTube, you need to think about what topic you’ll be shooting the video for. The size of your income will directly depend on the subject of your channel. The more among subscribers there will be a solvent audience, the more will be earnings. Let’s determine together which of the topics will bring more profit and on this basis, we will choose the right one.
Approximate payment (without affiliate and direct sale of advertising) for 1000 views on topics:
Cars — from 2 to 6 $.
Finance — 1,5–5 $.
Humorous content — 0,5–2 $.
Game topics — 0.3–2 $.
Blogging — 0.15 — $ 1.25.

One thing is very important — from the heart!
It is best to even focus not on the profitability of the subject, but on the fact that you really like it!? Just do what you like and enjoy it!
Believe me — it is very important !!!

Step #2: Create and configure your channel

#2.1: What is the name to choose for the channel?
Suppose you chose a topic, what next? Now you have to think about the creative unique name. It is important that it be sonorous, preferably short and easily remembered.
Sit in silence and for 10–15 write down at least 20 of the most diverse names that come to your head. And then select the one that you like best!
#2.2: Create a channel

Once you have decided on the name, we proceed to the creation of the channel. If you already have a channel, or do you know how to create a channel, you can proceed to the next stage.?
Beginners will give a short guide so that there are no questions. Of course, first, you need a Gmail account.

#2.3: Configure the channel
Choose a quality avatar. It is imperative that it be unique, as well as the hat, which we will discuss in more detail.
Note: The cap image should be 2560 × 1440. The area that will be visible is located in the central part of the image, and its size is 1546 × 423.
But if you want to fast, there is a way for you to create background and logo for you. I used to use it, just log in and create your owns. That is:

Step #3: Shoot videos
Ahead of the main part — shooting videos. Your success primarily depends on how interesting and high-quality you will be shooting them.
Most users prefer bright and dynamic content. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry. Just searching Youtube what topic you want and see how they do.
When shooting the first video, consider what other scenes follow. They must be a continuation so that the review is consistent and each video motivates you to move on to the next.
No less important is the regularity of publications. Otherwise, you risk losing a significant portion of your audience. As an option — it is the organization of a clear timetable (say 2–3 clips every week ). And you will be guided and prepared in advance, and your subscribers will wait for the new release.
#3.1: Software production

Today there are enough services and programs, the possibilities are varied, so choosing the right one is often difficult, especially if there is no finance — most of them are not cheap. For me, I’m using Adobe Premier and Camtasia Studio. Before installing software, read carefully about the requirement of system if you don’t want to crash when you render.

Step #4: Monetizing the channel (AdSense, affiliate programs …)
Method 1: Google AdSense Affiliate Program
This is the simplest and most affordable option, which, apart from monetization to your channel, requires practically nothing.

Method 2: Network or in other words, certified media networks
Here everything happens the same way as when you connect AdSense. Only you will collaborate through another intermediary media network.

In this case, you, as in the previous method, will have to share with them a fixed commission. Very often it is much more profitable to work with intermediary media networks than with AdSense.

The fact is that this way of monetization has its advantages. Namely:
The cost of ad impressions is much higher.
Videos that are similar to yours will broadcast your ad.
Withdrawal is possible upon reaching $ 0.5 (this is an average indicator, it all depends on the selected network).
Earned money can be transferred to various e-wallets or bank card.
There is a referral program.
And you know, nothing is free. When I in a network, you need to share your benefit to partner. It’s about 20–40%.

Method 3: Links and products from partners
This way of monetization is extremely simple — you will need to attach an affiliate link to the description of the video. Try to choose the one that best suits the subject of your videos. There’s is a lot of affiliate system over the world, it depends on which country you are.
For more, you can create your own blog/website that selling your products. then attach the link to the description of the video.

Method 4: Store Advertising
If you do not know, then I hasten to inform you that YouTube has a certain list of stores for which the video blogger can get a good income. Rather, for the fact that users make a purchase in such a store.
Choose what is similar to the theme of your videos from a special list, and place an advertisement in the annotations. Sales will appear — earnings will appear, everything is simple!

Method 5: Direct advertising partners
This option can be considered if the channel has become quite popular. You can quite earn up to 15,000$! Surely you paid attention to the fact that many bloggers talk about any products, companies right in the videos. For example, food delivery services or a certain brand of cosmetics.

But the disadvantage of this method is that you need to have a more or less large audience, usually more than 150–200 thousand subscribers!

Method 6: Donate ( often in streams)

This is the most unpredictable, but very promising way.
There are some streamers was donated up to 100,000$. The highest as I know is 450,000$.
It is especially suitable for creative people who are willing to interact with subscribers online.

Donate is most often found in streams, but now it is gradually “moving over” to other niches.

Method 7: Meeting with fans (ticket sales)
Many popular YouTubers organize meetings with fans in major cities.

Step #5: Channel promotion and video on YouTube
So, you solved all the issues with the design of the channel, chose a theme, started shooting a video, decided on monetization.
But this is not always enough to attract subscribers, so you need to unwind it. Among the legal and free options for promotion, there are such as:

  • Active subscription calls in annotations.

3. Choosing ideas for channel+ List popular topics/ ideas

Idea 1 — News, new movies, cars, and announcements
Today, videos that tell about various novelties in the world of cinema, games, technology, cars are very popular … There are lots of such ideas !? Why don’t you choose this direction and start shooting videos?

Idea 2 — Fashion
It all depends on your imagination, you can realize yourself as you like.
If you know how to sew beautiful things — it will be a plus. You can even simply make reviews of any purchases.

Idea 3 — Application and Program Reviews
This is a very promising niche. Working in this direction, you gather a professional and non-professional interested audience, which often buys various software.

Idea 4 — Beauty Blogging
This option is suitable for the female half. But judging by the latest trends, some men can also do beauty blogging and talk about cosmetics.
But, of course, such a man who teaches to be beautiful must have certain skills and courage.

Idea 5 — Flysheets, Android / iOS Games and Applications
This is the easiest option, but promising. See for yourself — there are new games every year, so there are plenty of ideas to play with subscribers.
Take into account the wishes of the audience, shoot a video with reviews in high quality, present everything with humor. From advertisers just will not hang up.
Here you can improve endlessly — no limits for video topics.
For example, you can do reviews of popular games and applications, record the passing of games, make streams … In most cases, you do not even need a video camera to record video directly from the monitor screen!

Idea 6 — Product Overview
You probably came across a video where people talk about things and gadgets that they bought on AliExpress or another similar trading platform. If you have enough subscribers, you can do the same and successfully do reviews and unpacking of various goods.

4. How to promote the channel on YouTube and increase the number of subscribers — 7 main secrets

7 secrets ( by Beribey)

5. How much do YouTubers make — 9 popular channels on YouTube

  1. Daniel Middleton (DanTDM) — $16.5 million

6. Pros and cons of earnings on YouTube

Such earnings have many advantages, but there are also some negative aspects. Therefore, before you start making money with the help of YouTube, I propose to consider all the pros and cons, since this is important.

6.1 Benefits ( + )

You can start from scratch without investment
Most of today’s popular YouTube start from scratch, completely without investments in home conditions. Many initially only had a cheap camera and microphone!
The main thing in this matter is the desire and faith in their own strength !?

You will not have any restrictions and deadlines. You publish new videos and deal with other issues regarding your channel only when it’s convenient.

Work in pleasure
You do not have to get up early in the morning and go to work in the office or somewhere else.
It all depends on you, you make the schedule yourself (if at all, consider it necessary to make it).

Ability to show creativity
It often happens that a person has different inclinations, but not everyone knows how to implement them.
Note: Video blogging is one of the best ways to display your creative abilities, and not just a great opportunity to make money using YouTube.

Express your opinion
If in your videos there is nothing contrary to the rules of video hosting, then you can safely express your point of view on something, it is not forbidden.

6.2. Cos(-)

Time spent
In the process of promoting your videos and channel, you will have to work hard both when shooting video clips, as well as at drawing and other nuances necessary for successful promotion. And on these things takes less time!
If you neglect the regular publication of clips, it is unlikely that you will be able to gather an interested audience.
Thus, you can only receive regular unsubscribes, and this will not have a positive effect on the channel as a whole.

Every case may be criticized, whether justified or not. Therefore, get ready and learn to perceive it normally, because on YouTube such a phenomenon is quite frequent.
The main thing is that you do what you truly love!

No quick results

Another disadvantage of YouTube is that you shouldn’t wait for quick results, sometimes it takes more than one month, or even a year, for your channel to become quite popular!
However, if you act with enthusiasm and do not give up when something goes wrong with you, then you will be able to achieve impressive results as quickly as possible!?

7. How to connect the affiliate program from Adsense to your channel on YouTube?

Before going to one of the most popular issues of monetization and find out in detail how to connect to the AdSense channel.
You need to know minimum eligibility requirements to turn on monetization features. For more information, you can find on Google easy. If you’re not ready. So prepare above and wait for results.

If you ready, here we are:
Stage 1: Connecting Monetization
First, you need to find your country in the “Advanced” tab of your channel and specify it.
After determining your country, find the section “Status and Functions” and turn on monetization.

Stage 2: Sync with AdSense
Now we are faced with the task of synchronizing the channel with Adsense. Find the tab “Link account with Google Adsense”. Next to it is a link that we need to go to.
Click on it, and video hosting sends you to Google AdSense.

Stage 3: Address and PIN
You will not have to complete the address verification procedure immediately. For this, you need to have at least 10 dollars on your balance. When this amount is collected, you will be sent an email with a PIN code (usually it comes in 1–2 weeks ).

About payments!
The amounts will be paid monthly (approximately 22 numbers ) to your bank account or other systems depends on your country.

8. What determines the earnings on YouTube — 3 main factors

If you have read up to this point, it means that you are seriously thinking about creating a channel or developing an existing one.
Therefore, it will not be superfluous to learn more about the main components affecting earnings on YouTube.

Factor 1 — Theme Channel
This is required to take into account in the first place, even before you create your own channel.

Among the most popular niches are financial and business topics, as well as a variety of earning options (recently the audience has been particularly interested in online earnings).
Men pay attention to the channels with various tips on repair and construction work, as well as channels about cars and various equipment.
And among women demand for beauty blogging, recipes, women’s advice and many other exclusively women’s topics. But not all of them are able to bring substantial income.

This is important!
Agree, earnings on YouTube depends only on advertising, and not on how the author knows how to knit or cook. The most expensive clicks of course collects topics of finance.
However, such an audience will not be able to gather as much as, for example, if you make videos on the same humor or movie!
Therefore, it is best to stay on the subject that you like the most ! In this category, you probably get success!?

Factor 2 — Number of subscribers and video views

The number of views and the amount of income are directly dependent on each other, an increase in indicators affects the cost of contextual advertising.
If you post interesting and high-quality videos that will interest the audience, you will be able to follow the rapid growth of income

Factor 3 — Using additional ways to monetize the channel
First of all, you need to connect Google AdSense, and then with the growing number of subscribers you can try, analyze and choose other monetization options.

9. How to make money on YouTube on other people’s videos and is it possible?

The easiest and most common option is how to make money on YouTube in this way — this is loading other people’s videos on your channel. After this, we monetize in a standard way and wait for the income.

This is interesting!
You can also do voice acting (you can even take video from English-speaking YouTube), but for this you need to have good diction, beautiful voice and normal recording equipment, albeit inexpensive.


Possible risks
If you make plagiarism and use other people’s videos on your channel, then there is a high probability that your channel may be blocked by the copyright holder’s complaint. And this is the easiest option.

Most rights holders use a special Content ID feature. She helps to find videos on foreign channels.

10. Conclusion

Today we got acquainted with the options of how you can earn on YouTube from zero and many other subtleties.
Thank you for reading. See you at my next story.



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