One of the questions that I often get about IT is “easy to get a job, easy to make money”? The answer, of course, is YES!

As a programmer, there are many ways to make money. In this article, let’s explore 5 ways to make money from this industry!

Freelance or code by contract
Making money by programming freelance, or contract code, is a fairly easy way to make money, suitable for students or working people.
You can find projects on freelance sites such as, These jobs are usually web code, mobile app code, … with all languages ​​and technologies.
If you have a relationship, you can also earn some contracts with businesses and individuals to code the app or the web to make money.
Advantages of this approach:
You are in control of your work time if you like then do not like then take a break, without looking at the boss’s face.
If reputable, know how to deal with prices, sometimes the income is higher than going to work.
You can also study and work at the same time, without waiting until you graduate
Disadvantages of this approach are also quite numerous:
Unstable income, sometimes I have to stretch my face to find a job
Although you learn a few things (working with customers, taking requirements, learning technology, etc.), you are less likely to develop your own technical ability (working without process). , no team, no code commenters)
Sometimes customers are outrageous, cancelled contracts, ruffled money
In addition, you also have to compete with Indian, Philippine developers, even … Vietnam.
Product creation: web, mobile app, course
Another method of making money is to create products to … sell. Because creating a website product is quite complicated and time-consuming, it is usually only companies that can invest in it.
As for individual developers, we can make mobile apps (games), then post them on the store to make money (advertising money, selling apps, selling in-game products).
Alternatively, if you can afford it, you can also create a course and sell it. For example, abroad, there is Uncle John Sonmez who earned 500 thousand dollars a year thanks to Pluralsight courses.
The advantage of this method is that it can train personal skills, have products to show when applying for a job. If you’re lucky, the proceeds from the product will become passive income
The downside is that this method is also quite precarious and unlucky.
The course is the same, maybe you will spend a lot of effort, but ultimately not sold because … do not know marketing so nobody buys.
Start a startup or open your own company
The two examples of IT students who finished their successful and world-famous startup are Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.
Advantages do not need to say already. Join the startup, you will learn a lot of useful things, develop yourself. If the startup is successful, you just have money, right to fame. Not to mention, the feeling of building a career for yourself is also very proud.
However, the path of starting a business and opening a company has a lot of hardships: all kinds of pressure and pressure from many sides, financial difficulties, a family of friends and not understanding. These things the radio has said many times so you just Google is bared.
Working at the company
Graduation, graduation, applying for a job, going to work, advancing are the paths that many people choose.
This is a fairly safe and stable road. Every month you do not have to worry about looking for a job and still have a job and a salary. Salary of the IT industry is also quite high compared to the common level if you know how to cultivate well enough to live. When working, you will learn a lot from colleagues and bosses, from the company’s workflow.
You can also develop yourself to higher positions, more responsibilities, of course, wages … better. You can read this article on the career development path of the IT industry.
The downside when choosing this path is that you have to invest in job-hunting skills (writing a CV, interview). The work is also quite restrictive, going to work 8 hours a day, sometimes to OT to keep pace. In addition, sometimes having to work with colleagues, crazy bosses also have to … endure teeth because of job requirements.
Combine multiple methods together
Of course, if you want to make a lot of money, you can combine many methods together. For example, in the morning go to work, return to ploughing freelance or take a course to earn extra money. Sometimes it’s a bit stressful and exhausting, but the income is quite high.
Or a lot of friends work hard for a few years to learn. After a few years, when they had capital, experience and relationships, they started their own company. This is somewhat more stable than starting a company right away. However, a lot of extra training is also needed, because sometimes running a company needs completely different skills than at work.

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