Series Programming Without Coding | HOW TO BECOME A MASTER?

As a programmer, you probably want a job with a decent salary, a good working environment.

However, companies pay you based on your value, that is, how much money you can bring to the company.
So, what should we do to improve ourselves and become a “valuable” programmer?
Harden hard skills
The job of a developer is not just code! However, code time takes up most of your work time.
- Hiring experienced, and hard skills are one of the fastest ways to improve your self-worth.
Things you need to do to hone your hard skills are:
- Improve code quality: Read Code Complete and Clean Code. Also, learn more about in-depth concepts such as SOLID Principle, Dependency Injection, Design pattern.
- Learn English: Good English will help you read documents, learn new technology.
- Self-supplementing knowledge: Knowledge in the programming industry very quickly expires. Don’t just do your assigned job; beware your experience will be outdated when going out for job interviews!
- Learning Domain Knowledge: Domain Knowledge is the knowledge related to business, to majors (economics, finance).
Know domain knowledge, and you can understand what customers say, know how to tell them to follow. You can also grow to BA — Business Analyst.
Know the project clearly: Having technical skills is good! But you must understand the project to know how to apply the skills most effectively!
Learn about technology, scope and deadlines
Develop soft skills
If hard skills, job skills determine whether you have a job or not; Soft skills will assess your ability to survive with the career, your ability to advance.

The soft skills that you should develop are:
Communication skills: Actually, programming is working with people: You will have to present to teammates, bosses, customers.
Even if you plan to be a manager, when you are in a senior position, like a software architect, you still need presentation skills and expressive skills.
- Understanding the boss: Why must the boss understand the boss?
Love your boss because he used to be a dev like you. Know your boss because they have more to worry about (projects, progress, profits), not just focusing on technical.

- Time management: Each person only has 8 hours a day to work. If you do not know how to manage, it will be difficult for you to get the job done, resulting in an OT.
- Building credibility and relationships: Everyone knows that reputation and relationships are essential.
- Reputation helps you gain the respect of your boss and colleagues, easy to raise your salary to the position. Relationships help you with many new opportunities.
You can gradually build credibility through small things like Respect deadlines, promise to do; code has a mind, few bugs; not afraid of “slightly” beyond ability; ready to help teammates and junior.

About the salary increase
One problem that developers often fret about is “raising the salary”. You should understand that the company pays you according to your ability, according to the work you complete.
If you only complete the assigned work, your ability does not increase, and the company has no reason to raise your salary!

To easily “ask” for a raise, please give the following good and legitimate reasons:

  • Clearly state your dedication to the company and the success of the project

Also, do not skip jobs when the project is understaffed or entering an important stage. You will push your superiors and teammates into a dilemma, it will be hard to see each other later



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